@losercee @ellakissedafella and @annagirl000 are the best friends a girl could ask for. That being said, we have had our share of drama over the years. Here are the worst incidents:
  1. Cats vs. Dogs
    Lucy, Ella and Anna are dog people whereas I prefer cats. Lucy claims that I am in denial and will join them eventually.
  2. The "Was"
    Wa is a term we use meaning an ice water, usually in a tall glass or water bottle. Not sure how to describe this one; to make a long story short I am now contractually obligated to make Anna a "wa" whenever she wants.
  3. Fosters cornbeans
    Lucy was getting gas when Anna and Ella jumped into the front seat and refused to get out unless Lucy agreed to take them to fosters cornbeans, a vegetable stand on the side of the road 45 minutes away. Keep in mind this was in the evening on a school night.
  4. "We don't have legs"
    Not as much of a fight as a cruel game Anna and Ella played on us. The game involves one team lying on the floor and repeatedly saying "we don't have legs" while the other team is forced to get things for them (e.g. Was, snacks, etc.). Any objection from me and Lucy would simply be responded with the argument that they don't have legs and we need to help them.
  5. Zefron
    This was a huge fight that all started cause Lucy wanted to take a cardboard cutout of Zac Efron to prom. Anna and Ella were very offended by this, claiming that Zefron belonged to them and no one else. They are still salty.
  6. Oceans 11
    Me and Lucy were trying to convince Anna and Ella to watch "Ocean's Eleven" at the cottage. When they refused, we put it on while they were gone and when they came back they unknowingly watched the second half of the movie. When we told them of this they proceeded to hide in the woods for an hour while we looked for them.