1. This is me and my friend Ben
  2. He is 6'5" and I'm 4'11"
  3. That makes us in about the same percentiles for our respective genders
  4. I find I actually have more size-related things in common with him than I do my friends who are 5'3"!
  5. For example: people will always comment on your height
    "Wow! How tall/short are you?" A very common question
  6. Things are not made for you
    Everything made is with the average sized person in mind. Nothing fits!
  7. Your shoe size is never there!!
  8. People mistake you for a different age
    Ben won't get carded unless he's with other people who look young. Meanwhile I will until I'm 30 lol
  9. People will make assumptions about you
    Ben is not aggressive at all but people are always intimidated by him if they don't know him. And of course people think I'm cute and don't always take me seriously.
  10. Your friends will eventually forget how tall/short you actually are, and then be reminded if they haven't seen you in a while
    "Omg I forgot how tall/short you are!"
  11. You will get a few stares if you are walking with a person of drastically different height
    When we walk down the street together I feel like ppl notice the giant height difference. But idk I think it's kind of funny!
  12. Of corse the are things that are only tall or short struggles but at least we can commiserate