For some the mall is a great way to spend the afternoon, for others it is a vortex of retail hell. Here are some tips that will hopefully help everyone's mall trips run more smoothly.
  1. Avoid going at all if you don't have money to spend
    The best way to save money is to avoid the realm of temptation. Don't bother going to the mall if you're just going to feel guilty about everything you buy.
  2. Start the trip with a budget
    Have a number in mind of how much you're willing to spend. If you find something you absolutely love then it's fine to go over, it's more in place as a guideline.
  3. Ask yourself "What kind of trip is this?"
    Is it a guerrilla mission or are you just going to see what's new in H&M? It helps to know ahead of time so you can plan your day and pick the best shopping partner.
  4. Have the right shopping partner
    You and your shopping friend ideally should be on the same page about what stores to go into, how long you want to stay and how much you're each willing to spend on items.
  5. Be a good shopping partner
    Tbh I could make a whole separate list about this but basically don't be annoying.
  6. Go to the "important" places first
    If you need to get something specific from the mall, be sure to get that first. This gets it out of the way so you will not forget to pick it up later.
  7. Next, go to your favourite stores
    You want to make sure to hit these before you get tired/bored of browsing consumer goods
  8. If you have to split up, split up
    You can't go everywhere. If your shopping friend is looking for different thing on this trip, don't be afraid to split up for a bit and do your own thing. It can be very productive.
  9. Always go to the sale section
    Personally it is very rare for me to buy something full priced. Buying things on sale not only saves you money but also gives you somewhere to focus on so you don't get overwhelmed by all the stuff I'm a store.
  10. Wear your glasses
    Ok this one's pretty specific. I always make sure to wear my glasses to the mall in case I run into someone I know and accidentally don't say hi/wave because I couldn't see who they were. Also helps if you're trying to avoid someone.
  11. Bring a bottle of water and a snack
    This is a major key! Don't forget that walking around for what could be several hours can be tiring. Bring water and a snack to not only stay refreshed but also save money by not buying over-priced items from the food court.
  12. Check the time
    The mall is an easy place to lose track of time. If you don't have a watch and/or your phone is dead, most sales receipts display the time at sale!
  13. Dot be afraid to bail out early
    If no one is feeling it, don't force it. Not every day you go to the mall is going to be perfect and that's okay!