I have had various jobs behind a front desk since I was 16. Never have I ever met anyone who didn't fit into at least one of these categories.
  1. The Sass
    Love enforcing the rules, like they actually enjoy telling people they are not allowed to do things. 50% of the time if you ask them to do something, they will say "sorry we don't do that" or "that's not my job".
  2. The Jokester
    Will always strike up a conversation, make jokes, tell you about their personal life. They have the best relationships with the regulars. Can be a bit much if you're socially awkward.
  3. The Nice Lady (or Gentlemen)
    The sweetest person you will ever meet. They will go above and beyond for you, often bending the rules to help. Because of their love to please, they are not always the best disciplinarians.
  4. The Chill One
    Apathetic to their authority. You will like them because they are usually willing to break the rules for you. When doing so it will be accompanied by a rant about how dumb or unreasonable the rule is.