1. They are tasty
    A good candy should be tasty, kinda goes without saying but thought I should mention just in case it wasn't clear!
  2. The filing is unique
    You can't really find anything like its yummy filling at any normal candy-selling establishments in my experience.
  3. They are a unique shape, which makes the eating experience a novelty
    The egg shape is so fun, a different experience to your normal run-of-the-mill chocolate bar.
  4. You can eat it in different ways
    You can take it bite by bite, or lick out all the filling and then eat the chocolate. Kind of a gross pic but u get the idea lol
  5. They come in minis
    Perfect for sharing with friends.
  6. You can buy just one, or a pack of multiples
    I like that the one egg is available, that way you won't overdo it and get sick. But I also like that they sometimes come in packs in case u need to stock up.
  7. You will not binge them like you will with mini eggs
    A few mini eggs is never enough for me, which means I usually eat way more than any human should. Stomach aches and regrets that could have been avoided with a satisfying Creme Egg.
  8. Creme Egg McFlurry
    So good!!
  9. They only come around a certain time of year
    You would think this would be a bad thing but it just makes their time with us extra special. Plus with the introduction Screme Eggs around Halloween, the wait in between is that much shorter.