1. It ALWAYS turns sexual
    As if that's all anyone cares to know about you
  2. If it's not sexual, it's about alcohol/drugs or other illegal things
    As if what you did when you were "sooo wasted" is all anyone has to talk about
  3. You low-key get judged if you don't make the question "juicy" enough
    Maybe I wanna know who's been to Europe!
  4. It being so focused on sex makes some ppl (me) feel uncomfortable
    Maybe not everyone wants all their friends to know about their sex life!!!
  5. Puts people in a situation of social pressure
    Everyone is looking at you, looking for what you have done so they can judge you
  6. It makes people feel bad about having done less/too much stuff compared to others
    People should be able to do whatever they want whenever they are ready
  7. Related: Makes a weird "standard" for the amount of sexual experience you "should" have
    Personally this game has always made me feel "behind" my peers. I know now it's ok and you should do things at your own pace but when I was younger I was always worried that I wasn't doing "things" I was supposed to have done by my age.
  8. Friends target each other
    This is mean! Your friend does not want everyone in the room to know about that embarrassing thing they did and you know it!
  9. It could bring up bad experiences for ppl
    You don't know what someone has been through, what if they have done something but they didn't want to? And now you're forcing them to bring that up during a "fun game"!
  10. People lie anyways
    Never have I ever trusted anyone to 100% tell the truth