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Época de oro del cine mexicano
  1. Hat/winged eyeliner inspo
  2. Chandelier earring inspo
  3. Brooch inspo
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  1. Imprescindible en inglés
    Sometimes I'll make up words in English. I didn't want to do that today.
  2. Lucie Elisa & Juliette
    French cover band. Ooo-la-la 🚬
  3. Clean the floor slippers
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  1. The table next to me playing "never have I ever"
    Double date. They have made a lot of sex & life choices that were completely blowing my mind. 🔫 Good for them! I love that they were willing to share with eavesdroppers.
  2. "You know what I think? Everyone should just be in a much better mood today! I mean, it's Valentine's Day!"
    As pontificated by a girl at Dean & Deluca, who seemed to be upset that the teller wasn't servient enough. She was with what appeared to be a SO. SMH. 😒
  3. British person being loud about something.
    He is a unicorn, clearly. Perhaps a drunk unicorn. 🦄
  4. That's it. I was mainly busy arguing with my husband. Duh.
  1. How does one go from Gavin Rossdale to Blake Shelton?
    Not hating. Just wondering on a very superficial/judgy level.
  2. Does everyone get super existential when they're hungover or just me?
  3. Are there good looking actors who act well or are we just happy to watch them saunter around our screen? (Fassbender is a unicorn)
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  1. Ran a half marathon without any training
    I guess one 2-mile run technically counts as training. This is a testament of what the body is capable of. Also, of how demented I actually am.
  2. Went to concert immediately after said run
    I'm a piss-poor planner and sometimes throw in people-pleaser for good measure. I forgot my run was that morning and I PROMISED a friend I would go. I was rolled out in a wheelchair. No shame.
  3. Told my friends I didn't like Brunch(!)
    Somehow this was worse than almost committing suicide-by-run. To be clear: I enjoy the brunch "experience," I suppose, just not the food. (I freelanced for a restaurant and let's just say I know things.)
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  1. Words to look up
  2. Natural treatments
  3. Restaurants
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