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  1. I will be the most sarcastic girl
    Won't stop, can't stop
  2. I will judge your outfit
    Whether you like it or not
  3. I will sniff you.
    Safety protocol. You stink, you're out.
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  1. From a friend who's dealing with a broken heart
  2. From my co-dog lover
  3. From a best friend ❤️
    It's not about the time we've known each other. ❤️
Because it's a real fear.
  1. Practice what I need to say without giggling
    Hardest ordeal
  2. Not confront them at all
  3. Focus on the bright side and think of reasons not to confront them
    If there's any
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Chicks Sean Liu haven't dated yet.
  1. Jessica Stam (younger version)
  2. Agyness Dein (younger version)
  3. Freja
  4. Jarah Mariano (ultimate bombshell!)