1. Ordering food delivery at night
    Or at anytime of the day. She firmly believes that all delivery people will either a. Murder you right there as the transaction takes place or b. Case the house and then come back to rob you and then probably murder you.
  2. Harambe Memes
    "It's a tragic situation all around. I can't believe people are making fun of this. Gorillas are much more like humans than most people think". She's read a lot about Diane Fossey. Quite honestly I agree with her.
  3. Haunted Houses
    Even the ones of little kids. Actually, especially the ones for little kids. She thinks they are absurd. She thinks that there are children who face horror everyday of their lives and hates that other children (mostly white children) go to these things for fun. I can kinda see her point on this one, but also it's a little ridiculous.
  4. Donald Trump
    Ok but more than the average Trump Hater. My dad says he hasn't had a conversation with her in months where she hasn't told him about some new terrible thing Trump did or said.
  5. Wearing t-shirts in public
    I get a scowl every time I do this.
  6. Traveling without a printed out itinerary
    It's the digital age, mom. My boarding pass is on my phone. Let me live.
  7. The dj's on the morning mash-up from Hit 1
    There was one specifically... I forget if his name was Ryan or the other one that sounded like Ryan whose name escapes me. Anyways. Oh! Rich! His name is Rich. Still not sure which one she hates. But every time he spoke, he would say something that would irritate her and she'd change the channel.