From 1998-Present. (@LevNovak, Rushmore?)
  1. Treehouse Club (1998)
    First club I ever belonged to with the neighborhood kids. We ate gummy worms and traded Pokémon cards mostly.
  2. Safety Patrol (2000-2001)
    As a 4th grader, I was so happy when I got nominated by my teacher to do this. I got to wear an unflattering fluorescent yellow vest two sizes too big and directed "traffic" for buses and kids walking home. At the end of the year, we took trip to Six Flags. I avoided all of the roller coasters.
  3. Tennis (2006-2006)
    I got peer pressured into joining by two girls. I quit after the first season. I had no stamina or patience in whacking a tennis ball with a racket.
  4. Student Council (2006-2010)
    Event coordinator. Made tie dyed t-shirts for spirit weeks. A lot of crying happened behind the scenes.
  5. Yearbook (2009-2010)
    Staff and Editor in Chief. Photographed sporting events and organized the overall layout of the yearbook.
  6. Cross Country (2006-2010)
    Running is a cathartic hell. I'll leave it at that.
  7. National Honor Society (2006-2010)
    The only memories I can recall is spending some time replanting flowers and painting the school bleachers for service hours. Other than that, I helped the secretary and president design brochures and flyers.
  8. Debate Team (2007-2010)
    Joined with my best friend to overcome my fear of public speaking. All of our tournaments took place at Brown on Saturday mornings. I loved it. I learned a lot about public and foreign policies and learned how to write constructive speeches. It was empowering.
  9. Indoor/Outdoor Track Team (2007-2010)
    My events were the 4x4 and 200 meter dash. I remember having one of the spikes from my shoe getting stuck on the track right before making it to the finish line. From an audible distance, I heard everyone murmuring, "Oh no" in unison. The entire experience felt like the Wisdom Teeth episode of Broad City.
  10. Math Team (2009-2010)
    Our math meets were super competitive. I learned how to program my TI-84 with equations. Overall, one of my really cool experiences as a teenager.
  11. Quidditch Team (2010)
    Showed up to the club meeting for free pizza with a friend. Decided I was really into the idea of being a part of it and played as the golden snitch for a season. It was a lot of fun.
  12. Sustainability Club (2010-2011)
    Organized initiatives to increase recycling on campus. Handed out reusable water bottles and tote bags to students. Made a lot of long lasting friends here.
  13. Campus Newspaper (2012-2014)
    Contributing News Reporter. Covered board meetings and conducted man on the street interviews for question of the week.
  14. The List App (2015-Present)
    My thoughts and feelings feel safe here. Plus, it feels like the first day of school every time I open the app.
  15. Ghost Guild
    The less said, the better
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  16. Ghost Guild, 2015-Present
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