There's no better feeling than receiving a package or handwritten letter in the mail. I've been storing handwritten letters and cards in shoebox for the past few years. Today, I found myself opening the box and reading some of the letters.
  1. Wendy
    Late 90s. My cousin was in disbelief that I didn't have access to cable or The Powerpuff Girls. A lovely package arrived on my doorstep one day with a copy of The Powerpuff Girls on VHS.
  2. Todd
    College. Favorite snippet: "By the way, I couldn't be happier about writing letters as a form of communication. Even though it is a dead, or dying, form of correspondence, it is a great exercise for training the brain to write in an entirely different circumstance. Already having wrote what I just have, I immediate have a need to go back, change words, or strengthen sentence structure."
  3. Alex
    College. We ended up carpooling to campus for a semester before he graduated. He discussed his dreams of hiking the Appalachian Trail, which he successfully accomplished. In the blizzard of 2013, he sent me provisionals: a tube of Chapstick.
  4. Kayla
    College. Exchanged recipes and doodles. Visited her family one winter up in Maine and we watched a marathon of Law & Order in the blizzard.
  5. Lucy
    College. Through Lucy's letters I learned about ska and Dirty Projectors. I once sent her a $5 dollar bill in the mail and in the following letter she told me she bought a scarf with the money. Favorite snippet (referring to living in New York): "Some day you'll end up here, and you'll end up feeling understood."
  6. Heather
    College. Learned about her children's eating habits in one letter. Favorite snippet: "I think my hand is cramping up...I haven't done this much handwriting since high school!"
  7. Guinnevere
    College and post-college. Discussed the perils of her then recent heartbreak, perfumes, and hobbies.
  8. Eryn
    College. Learned about Eryn's love for her feminism philosophy class. Favorite snippet: "Sometimes you really just need to hug yourself."
  9. Victoria
    Wrote a captivating letter asking for advice. I was deeply touched by it all.
  10. Sally (@sally)
    Thank goodness for email. Sally is a professional when it comes to emailing. Our semi-daily correspondences include food and weekend plans.
  11. Rachel (@rachel)
    Currently discussing the importance of childhood friendships and Elena Ferrante.