A text exchange between @LevNovak and I. This is us outside of The List App.
  1. Lev: Also I have kind of a red rash on my neck :-(
  2. Mia: Omg why? From the bus? From New York? From something you ate?
  3. Lev: Oh from before
  4. Mia: I'm being a super hypochondriac. How long have you had it?
  5. Lev: Haha I'm a hypochondriac so important for me to be like I know I'm fine
  6. Lev: I just outsource sorry
  7. Lev: Nooooooooo
  8. Mia: Noo what?
  9. Lev: MIA you gotta be like "oh you're fine" and I go "oh yeah"
  10. Lev: Hahahahahahaha okay false start
  11. Mia: Okay let's start completely over
  12. Lev: Noooooooo
  13. Mia: Hi, my name is Mia!
  14. Lev: We're doing this wrong
  15. Lev: Haha it's fine it's funny