Books I Have Finished, Books I Am Reading, Books I Am Soon to Read

Inspired by @teo. Books have been purchased and sent from a variety of places.
  1. I Was a Child, Bruce Eric Kaplan
    Status: Finished! This biography took me by surprise. It triggered many childhood memories that I had forgotten about. I recommend this to anyone that has lost anyone close to them, especially a parent/parents.
  2. Take It as a Compliment, Maria Stoian
    Status: Finished! I'm exploring graphic novels this year and I highly recommend this one. Men and women share stories of sexual harassment. Absolutely powerful and it blew me away.
  3. The Golden Condom: And Other Essays on Love Lost and Found, Jeanne Safer (Available April 2016)
    Status: On hiatus. A few months ago, I had a conversation with a friend about self-help books. For a while, it was a section I strayed away from, but I've grown to love it over the course of time. This book is relatable and sharp. I recommend it to anyone looking to read about why relationships don't always work out. It covers infidelity, false friendships, triumphant marriage, and obsessive love.
  4. My Struggle: Book 1, Karl Ove Knausgaard
    Status: On hiatus. This three part series was recommended to me by @laure. This book deeply reminds me of my dad's childhood. I'm taking my time with it.
  5. My Brilliant Friend, Elena Ferrante
    Status: Reading! Just started! I have been told many times to pick up this series. So far, so good.
  6. The Lonely City, Olivia Laing (Available March 2016)
    Status: Reading! Almost done! I've been following Olivia Laing's writing for a while and I was thrilled to see this title. Laing examines loneliness and the affects it has on creative expression and art. Her heart is in every sentence.
  7. Little Labors, Rivka Galchen (Available May 2016)
    Status: Up next!