Inspired by a prompt.
  1. The Hatch
    Fictional chapter recalling vivid details of childbirth.
  2. Blinded by the Light
    Tips and tricks on how to survive the fitness challenge in elementary school. Also, how to trade snacks and lunches (duh).
  3. Trilingual
    Reflections on learning three languages: Chinese, Vietnamese, and English at the same time.
  4. Running, running, running
    A chapter on how I survived puberty, high school, and break ups by taking up running as an activity.
  5. The 405
    Truths I discovered about myself and others while living in Los Angeles.
  6. Listening
    Small observations about the universe.
  7. Love Cannot Be Compared to Anything
    Thoughts about falling in love.
  8. A Pair of Lungs
    A chapter about how my dad's passing and how he taught me how to be the woman I am today.