The kids were not all right.
  1. 4.5 years old – Tripped over a bunk bed ladder while putting away something for my mom and ended up breaking my arm in the process. She panicked and cried. My dad rushed home from work and carried me out to the car. I don't remember the rest of it.
  2. 7 years old – Fell off a bike and chipped my front tooth in the middle of the road. The girl I was with told me to "relax" in a condescending tone.
  3. 8 years old – Same girl invited me to watch Passion of the Christ with her family. I cried and didn't sleep that night.
  4. 9 years old – We were making flower arrangements at a family friend's for Easter. I found a Playboy in a stack of arts and craft magazines. Out of curiosity I opened it and felt completely paralyzed: "Why are people peeing on each other?" I didn't sleep that night.
  5. 10 years old – Poured hot boiling water into a glass. It shattered in my left hand, leaving me with a blistering third degree burn. I remember saying, "I didn't know" a dozen times. I didn't know a lot of things. I still don't.
  6. 12 years old – A boy slapped my ass in the school lunch line. I wore a hoodie all year and became uncomfortable with my body.
  7. 13 years old – A girl calls me a lesbian in the gym locker room for not wearing a bra.