In the moment.
  1. Day one of my four day weekend, I'm left to my own devices. A block of brie and some crackers for snacking. The People v. OJ is on pause in the living room. I'm going to make gnocchi for lunch soon. I need to water my plants and put my clothes in the dryer.
  2. Devouring a stack of pancakes I made. Channeling good vibes for the day.
  3. Cleaned and organized my bathroom this morning. Off to the cafe down the street to pick up a copy of the New York Times. The design issue of T Magazine is out today. I am absolutely thrilled.
  4. Sitting in front of my fireplace contemplating on life. Booking a travel trip to LA soon.
  5. Getting tacos for dinner. Submitted a magazine pitch. Got a response! Off to eat. Woo woo!
  6. Strolling into work.
  7. Picking out a new pair of glasses. Yes for these.
  8. Cleaning my washing machine. Exciting Sunday!
  9. Thinking about Blue Bottle Coffee
  10. Waking up from plane nap