1. Age 4: Vomited on my mom's friend new bedspread after drinking powdered milk in Canada.
  2. Age 7: Volunteered to recite a poem for parent's day. Conveniently forgot the poem when my turn came. Froze and ran off the stage.
  3. Age 9: Kicked my cousin in her sleep. We were sharing a top bunk together. She said, "I'm never sleeping next to you again!"
  4. Age 9: Any time we had to play a Beethoven song on a recorder in music class.
  5. Ages 12-14: Any memory of playing ping pong in gym class.
  6. Age 13: Any memory of my mom catching me pluck my eyebrows.
  7. Age 16: Gave a speech in front of my graduating class. A boy came up to me afterwards and said I spoke too fast.
  8. Age 16: Mistaken a pedestrian crossing sign for a yield on road test.
  9. Age 17: Fell flat on my face before crossing the finish line at a race.
  10. Age 20: Peed myself on the 405 at rush hour after drinking two coffees. Had to get the car washed the next day.
  11. Age 22: Pulled chopsticks apart in Korean restaurant and knocked over an entire bowl of miso soup.