For new and old friends.
  1. My middle name is Thi.
  2. I'm half Chinese/Vietnamese.
  3. My mother grew up on a coffee/tea farm.
  4. My father grew up on a pig farm.
  5. I have two younger brothers.
  6. My social security number is 000-00-0000.
  7. Favorite snack: raw broccoli.
  8. I use three pumps of hand soap every time. This habit stemmed from elementary school.
  9. I enjoy reading short stories before bed. Anything by Fran Lebowitz, Janet Malcolm, Lydia Davis, or George Saunders usually does the trick.
  10. Fear: Everyone I love is going to die, which is something I think about a lot.
  11. The first thing I notice about people is their sense of humor.
  12. I have 3-5 nightmares per week.
  13. My utopia contains an Indian restaurant on every street corner.
  14. Alcoholic beverage: Negroni.
  15. Non-alcoholic beverage: malt chocolate milkshake.
  16. The kale in my fridge has gone bad.
  17. I ran a half-marathon before catching a 6-hour flight to LA once. It's something I will never think about doing ever again.
  18. I adore you.