I can fall asleep anywhere. Out like a light.
  1. Airplane
    I pack an infinity scarf/long scarf to wrap around my head before falling asleep on a plane. I like to think that it stabilizes my neck and prevents me from looking like an absolute fool in front of strangers with my mouth wide open. Looking forward to this when I fly to North Carolina next week.
  2. Amtrak
    Zipped up cotton hoodie with the hood on.
  3. Hotel bed
    Love the feeling of being tucked into crisp hotel sheets.
  4. Car
    Usually on a road trip or coming home from the beach. Head tilted on someone's shoulder (back seat) or by the window.
  5. Couch
    Structured sleeping position, like a pharaoh.
  6. On a lawn chair
    Underneath a breezy tree.
  7. My bed
    Open window accompanied by a subtle breeze.