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  1. Coconut curry soup
  2. Mung bean moon cakes on Chinese New Year
  3. My mom's sewing machine
  4. Mom's Revlon lipstick and pearl cream
  5. Chinese take-out on my dad's day off
  6. Chalky Flintstone vitamins
  7. Roasted duck on Saturday afternoons
  8. Fresh fried dough from the carnival
  9. Play-doh
  10. Cocoa Puffs, Kix, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  11. Floppy disks
  12. Bubble tape bubble gum
  13. Dunkaroos
  14. Chalk from clapping erasers in the hallway
  15. Scholastic Book Fair erasers
  16. Country Apple body lotion from Bath & Body works
  17. Water balloons
  18. VHS packaging
  19. Berry Heavenly and Watermelon Lipsmackers