Cravings are better in theory.
  1. 7-Eleven nachos
    I live right around the corner from a 7-Eleven and only have gone in there to buy firewood. The idea of buying nachos from 7-Eleven reminds me of my teenage years, something I can never go back to, but can reminisce when the moment is right.
  2. Burger King fries
    Preferred BK fries over McDonald's growing up. I trick myself into wanting these and talk myself out of it for the better.
  3. Bubble tea
    My stomach never feels good after drinking it. I think about getting one every time I pass by a bubble tea shop.
  4. McDonald's Big Mac
    It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I will rarely act on this one. I pass by a McDonald's on my way to and from work but will deny myself from this pleasure 89 percent of the time.
  5. Vitamin Water XXX
    I went through a one year phase of drinking 3-4 bottles of these in a day. I resist every time I purchase bottled water at a convenience store.