1. Waiting for the person to unlock their door before driving away
  2. Sharing a plate of fries
  3. Sending care packages and handwritten letters
  4. A secret handshake
  5. Sharing the same obsessions
  6. Talking about bad dates over Chinese takeout
  7. Exchanging mutual exit looks from across the room
  8. A mutual understanding
  9. Planning adventures
  10. Admiring each other's strengths
  11. Running into each other at the train station with excitement
  12. "How are you doing?"
  13. Being kind to one another
  14. Enjoying each other's silence
  15. Long phone calls with TV in the background
  16. Looking back on pictures with awful haircuts
  17. "Do you want to try a sip?"
  18. Feeling nostalgic
  19. A secret language
  20. An unexplainable connection that feels supernatural
  21. Letting the other person know their fly is open
  22. Keeping secrets
  23. Admiring each other's talents
  24. Getting day drunk and walking around
  25. A friendly competition
  26. Acceptance without judgement
  27. Being each other's inspiration
  28. A cozy situation
  29. One of life's tiny miracles
  30. Simple