Feeling nostalgic about a few things.
  1. My neighbor's 15-year-old dog passed away last summer. It was weird seeing them with a new dog the other day. I miss the old dog.
  2. The kumquat tree in front of my grandmother's house in Los Angeles. What a lovely little thing. Kumquats are magic.
  3. My best friend Victoria. On average, we get to see each other twice a year. We make them count with good food and drinks. I miss her.
  4. I miss the woman who used to perm my mom's hair back in the day. Her twin sister owned a craft store. I never knew her name, but she was always kind and introduced me to Velcro rollers.
  5. Pressing flowers in phone books with my dad. Something I wish we could still do.
  6. Playing frisbee with my younger brothers.
  7. Watching Xena: Warrior Princess with my mom and brother we had dinner.
  8. Jim was a retired man who enjoyed surfing on the weekends in Malibu. We became acquainted when I came over to walk his neighbor's dog. He had a lot of great stories and gossiped about his landlord in a humorous way.
    Last spring, he passed away from a heart attack. He gave me a hand made leather bracelet wrap bracelet to remember my summer in LA. I miss his spirit.