Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. Witnessing a person's glow when they're talking about someone they love.
  2. Noticing mundane patterns that seem coincidental in the moment, but end up being tiny miracles in retrospect.
  3. Putting on a fresh pair of socks for the first time.
  4. The rhythm of nothing on Sunday's.
  5. Receiving a handwritten thank you note.
  6. Reading a quote and deeply resonating with it.
  7. The smell and feeling of the inside of a car after a day at the beach: sunscreen, saltwater, fatigue.
  8. Looking at old childhood photographs.
  9. Revisiting a song you used to listen to on repeat.
  10. Receiving a gift that screams, "I didn't know I needed that."
  11. Nice smelling hand soap in a public bathroom.