1. Scored street parking during prime time at the beach.
    A combination of luck and patience.
  2. Drank two negronis and enjoyed a burrata salad.
  3. Ordered a side of fries for the table knowing that the small portions weren't going to be enough.
    It was a nice save.
  4. Skipped the line to the ladies room and walked right into the men's to save time.
    Time is everything when you have 2 hour parking and need to move your car.
  5. Watched someone I love eat their favorite ice cream flavor with immense pleasure.
    Always perfect.
  6. Laughed until my body exhausted itself.
  7. Exchanged stories on personal and career goals.
  8. Confessed my love for the smell of sunblock.
    Something I don't tell many people, but now YOU know!
  9. Drove home with the air conditioner on max with Beach House playing in the background.
  10. The end.
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