My $5 Book Haul

Went to my local library and had a field day filling up a brown paper bag to the brim with books. The best part, I got it all for $5. Where should I start?
  1. Modern American Memoirs
  2. A Reporter's Life by Walter Cronkite
  3. In Monmartre by Sue Roe
  4. Mao by Tse-Tung
  5. 1,911 Best Things Anybody Has Ever Said by Robert Byrne
  6. The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary
  7. French dictionary
  8. Spanish dictionary
  9. The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons
  10. The Fountain of Age by Betty Friedan
  11. My Life As a Man by Phillip Roth
  12. The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
  13. Crooked Little Heart by Anne Lamott
  14. Play It As It Lays by Joan Didion
  15. Life Before Man by Margaret Atwood
  16. Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver
  17. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen
  18. The Cheese Plate by Max McCalman and David Gibbons