Inspired by @zoe
  1. I'm Mia
    My parents picked my name out of a baby book and found the easiest name they could both pronounce.
  2. I'm 5'5" with decent posture
    I went to physical therapy a lot as a teenager for my minor scoliosis.
  3. I work in publishing
  4. I would ride or die for 5 people in my life
  5. My ideal lunch is sashimi with a piping hot small bowl of miso soup
  6. I don't usually check the weather before going outside
  7. I enjoy going into other people's homes, almost too much
    I love people's tchotkes. Again, almost too much.
  8. Horror movies do not generally scare me
  9. I think about the amount of unread books I have sitting on my shelf a lot
  10. I don't make my bed and have at least two magazines and one book on it at all times
  11. I'm not afraid of heights
  12. I always look like I'm in a rush when I am paying for something, but I don't want to keep the person behind me waiting forever because they probably have somewhere more important to be
  13. I have a low threshold for loud bars and stressful social situations
  14. I'm a dog person through and through
  15. I grew up killing insects and spiders for my younger brothers because that was the "big sister's job"
  16. Running helps restore my soul
  17. I crack my back at least 3-4 times a day
  18. I'm aspiring to be the best version of myself for myself everyday
    I'm trying to stop living my life for other people
  19. I recite "PKW" before leaving my house everyday: phone, keys, wallet.