Thank you for the request @sally!
  1. Three cutting boards
  2. Meat cleaver
  3. Two sinks
  4. Rice cooker
  5. Corkscrew and bottle openers
  6. A variety of ice cube trays for every drink occasion
  7. Ice machine
  8. Lots of ice, always
  9. Fully stocked bar
  10. Hidden appliances
  11. Dishwasher
  12. Stone pizza oven
    Ultimate dream
  13. Underground spiral wine cellar
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    In here you'll find Blue Bottle Coffee, almond chocolate milk, and a few bottles of wine.
  14. Lots of natural light
  15. Lots of ice cream
  16. Lots of steel and marble
  17. Fun and unusual art
  18. Treasure chest of snacks in the pantry
  19. Open floor plan
  20. A place to call mine