Inspired by @TT, @sally, and @audrey. I remember the first time I saw him. We were stretching for our first cross country practice. I couldn't stop staring.
  1. Hanes White T-Shirts
    He looked like a model on the package.
  2. Black Running Shorts
    Revealing his calves. Shapely and above average.
  3. Saucony running sneakers
    He bought a new pair every few months. He would tell me to get fitted for one at the specialty store.
  4. Maroon, striped, navy polo shirts
    Never popped his collar ❤️
  5. Khakis
    On occasion.
  6. Dark washed jeans
    Straight leg.
  7. Under Armour
    Fitted shorts, leggings, hat, and gloves.
  8. Tears on his face
    We reconnected during one of our visits home from college. He cried in my car about a girl he loved for 6 years. I cried with him. We shared a beer after. I said to myself, "I still remember the first time I saw you. I can't believe we are here."