My iPhone Home Screen: Explained

Step into my digital space. Thank you for the idea @Nicholas.
  1. Home screen
  2. Social media
    ListApp, Twitter, and Instagram fulfill ALL of my social media needs. I'm not on Facebook or Snapchat.
  3. "On the go" apps. I use GChat on a semi-regular basis.
  4. Reading folder
    The New York Times and The Atlantic are on my newsstand. I use Goodreads to hoard unread titles and recommendations from one friend.
  5. Ghost emoji folder: photo needs
  6. Meditation app
    Stop, Breathe, and Think is a meditation app a friend recommended to me. You get rewarded with digital stickers for completing milestones.
  7. Text messages
    On average I receive 3-5 text messages a day. Today, I received only two and they were from @LevNovak.
  8. Phone calls
    1-2 times a day.
  9. About those 149 unread emails
    I tinkered with an email setting on my phone last week and haven't gone back to change it. In reality, I have 26 unread emails. They're mainly newsletters from Crate&Barrel, literary magazines, and Hillary Clinton.
  10. I habitually switch my phone to airplane mode before going to bed/charging it.
  11. The end.