Thank you for the memories.
  1. @LevNovak introduced me to The List App when it was in its beta phase back in 2015. I think he told me about the app over dumplings.
  2. So much has evolved since then. I feel like I am a much different person.
  3. I feel less afraid and less reluctant.
  4. has allowed me to share in ways I couldn't via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It allowed me to be vulnerable.
  5. I've listened to so many of your stories during idle times. I'm so grateful for the kindness that has been generated by the community here.
  6. I'm so grateful for @bjnovak, @dev, and @Nicholas for allowing me to express myself on here as well as invite me into their lovely office in Venice.
  7. I'm in a place in life where I want to travel for a while and discover my voice in the process. My next adventure will be heading back to Iceland in November with a group of 7 photographers. I couldn't be more excited.
  8. Thank you for listening. Goodbye, ♥️
  9. I appreciate you.