Pictures of Food

Thanks for request @dev! I apologize for the delay. Here are pictures of food I have taken with my phone. I hope it lives up to your hopes and dreams.
  1. Bagel with lox
  2. Compound butter with rosemary and thyme for Thanksgiving
  3. First-time soup dumplings from scratch
  4. Homemade duck baos
  5. List App cake!
  6. Persimmon crepes
  7. Egg and avocado on toast
  8. Grapefruit
  9. Vanilla ice cream with magic shell
  10. An ice cream sundae in January!
  11. Brie burger
  12. A gigantic croissant
  13. Close up of a blood orange slice
  14. Honorable mention. A blurry salad I was going to text to a friend. Filter: 1 Moscow mule and 1 negroni on a Saturday.
  15. Friends enjoying donuts