I've subconsciously made-up kind, soothing voices for 95% of you on this app since we haven't met in IRL.
  1. I remember calling you from South Station in Boston for our first meeting. My reaction when I heard the sound of your voice was, "Whoa! He's so good on the phone." I value every conversation we share. We're always learning from each other. You're one of the sweetest people I know.
  2. A humorous and succinct voice, like a chinchilla whispering into my ear. Infinite amount of inspiring cool and compassion.
  3. Informative, smart, and memorable. The list that stands out to me the most is, "Things I've Become Ok With In The Past Few Years." It's a list I live vicariously through most days.
  4. Warm and loving soul. Your lists read like warm notes of nostalgia near a campfire with s'mores. Your spirit encourages me to open myself up to the ones I love and express gratitude for the small moments.
  5. Self-aware, carefree, and confident. Your lists are award-winning. Your sense of sense is an admirable trait I would someday like to embody.
  6. Rays of sunshine and warmth radiate from your energy. Your recipes are pure gold and easy to follow. The kindness of your voice brings absolute joy into my life.
  7. Your quick quips and observations leave me hyperventilating. "Yes, Usher, You Do Mind" is one of my favorite lists. I read it out loud the second time and laughed maniacally. A true gem.
  8. A kindred spirit and soul. If we were to meet, I feel like you would have a lot of life lessons to bestow.
  9. Refreshing voice. Your lists make me question how I'm using my time and if I'm using it wisely. We're cross-pollinating on all platforms and it's truly magic.
  10. Bonded so hard over dry shampoo that it became a trending topic.
  11. Update: I'm on the ravioli diet and loving life, metaphorically, of course. You're the gift that keeps on giving in this community.
  12. Resilient, insightful, and thorough. Every list is a breath of fresh air. p.s. I'm going to practice transcendental meditation for the rest of my life (#goatbaby).
  13. I aspire to have a friendship like what you two have. You both are effortlessly edgy like a cool leather jacket I can never pull off, no matter how I hard I try.
  14. Your words speak to me like a big sister I've never had. I feel so guilty for writing a bullshit list.