I went to the movies alone for the first time. After seeing recommendations for "Inside Out" on here I decided to give it a go.
  1. The short film primed my emotions right before the movie started. Tears were shed. Well played, Pixar.
  2. A parent in the theater took their child home 20 minutes into the movie. The child cried out "Noooooo! I don't want to go home!!!Pleeeeease!!!" multiple times. I cried.
    The sound of his small voice is still echoing in my ear.
  3. When Riley introduces herself on the first day of school. I lost it. Being the only Asian and new kid at my elementary school really sucked. It brought me back.
  4. When Joy cries in the pit and realizes that there is only so much she can do for Riley. I cried.
  5. When Bing Bong, Riley's imaginary friend, realizes he can no longer be part of her life. I sobbed heavily. I used the sleeve on my pullover sweater to wipe away my ugly cry. Looked around and thought, "WHY ISN'T ANYONE CRYING? WHERE'S YOUR SOUL?!"
    There were only 7 people in the theater. I had a clear view of everyone's face.
  6. Sadness made me cry multiple times.
  8. Salted my bag popcorn with tears. I'm sure.
  9. Cried on my drive home because what's a girl going to do?