How did I get here? Inspired by @sky
  1. I have an emergency savings account for when things go wrong
  2. My bills are paid on time
  3. I'm subscribed to The New York Times crossword puzzles and do them quite regularly
  4. I know how to do basic plumbing
  5. I floss my teeth on a regular basis
  6. I own a pair of cashmere leather gloves
  7. I separate my darks and whites when doing laundry
  8. I have a 401k and health insurance
  9. I can say no to sugar
  10. Waking up at 6 a.m. pleases me most of the time
  11. I keep my plants alive
  12. I have extra towels and toiletries for guests
  13. I know how to sew a ripped pair of trousers