A short log of people I've met in airports and airplanes.
  1. Dave
    Resides in Burbank, California. Shared photos of his 3D printing projects. He was on his way to give a talk at a private school near Cape Cod.
  2. Bob and Barbara
    Sat in-between the lovely pair from Charlotte, North Carolina to Los Angeles. Bob was engrossed in a book by John Grisham. Barbara shared her story on beating breast cancer. They were on their way to visit their grandson.
  3. Trisha
    Bonded over the charging station at Midway International Airport in Chicago. Expressed distress and concern for her 5-hour delay.
  4. Jimmy
    Resides in Houston, Texas. Ended our 2-minute conversation by shaking my hand. Followed Trisha and continued to flirt with her.
  5. Ron and Carol
    Spent my 3-hour delay in Phoenix, Arizona sitting with the happily married couple. Ron bought me a Snickers bar. Carol talked about her teaching career and children. They were on their way to Chicago.
  6. Woman in teal shirt
    Resides in Marina Del Ray. Met her current husband in England during undergrad. They're both engineers. Passionate about Amazon Fresh, Pop Physique, and Indian food. Shared family photos from her phone.