1. Madeon – "You're On"
    And it's been so long since I've seen your face/That in my own mind/I had been replaced
  2. Blood Orange – "Champagne Coast"
    Tell me what's the joy of giving if you're never pleased?
  3. Andrew Bird – "Tenuousness"
    So procreate and pay your taxes
  4. Caribou – "Odessa"
    Something had to give to stop this thing from going on
  5. Sufjan Stevens – "All Of Me Wants All Of You"
    Empty outline changed my view/Now all of me thinks less of you
  6. Purity Ring – begin again
    I've been watching you creep/around my wandering feet/Trying for years to flee
  7. Drake – "10 Bands"
    My ex asked me, "Where you movin'?" I said, "On to better things."
  8. Fiona Apple – "Every Single Night"