The Ultimate Care Package From @sally

A large box of surprises arrived on my doorstep from @sally yesterday. I'm still coming down from the emotional high. Thank you @list for bringing people together in the best way possible.
  1. This set the tone perfectly
  2. I have read this card over and over. Words cannot express how thankful I am for your friendship.
  3. No, you're the best @sally!
  4. Prawn tempura art print!
  5. San Diego keychain
  6. Paper straws! Pencils! Pouch!
  7. Tiny clothes pins!
  8. Bowl #1
  9. Bowl #2
  10. Kitchen gear wrapped in ribbon! I couldn't get over the ribbon.
  11. Um, yes. Fade into me TJ's cookie butter cups.
  12. Hello from the other side
  13. Cute flower pot!
  14. Mango flavored ginger chews and Lindt chocolates!
  15. The beautiful box that held almost everything ❤️