I rarely spent time with my dad growing up because he was working all the time. I'm learning a lot about him. P.S. It feels detoxifying to be away from wifi/my phone for long stretches at a time
  1. When he first arrived on American soil in 1980 he had two different pairs of shoes.
  2. He made $3.50/hr at his first job.
  3. In Vietnamese: "Mia, when I first saw a coffin in America I thought it was a chest to store clothes."
  4. My mom was in awe of him. He asked, "Why is this woman calling me all the time?"
  5. A lot of woman were in awe of him.
  6. When he first met my mom's dad for the first time he said, "Who's that dude? Why does he look like that?"
  7. He balanced raising three children while working 40-50 hour work weeks. A woman at work asked him, "Who's your babysitter?" His response, "I am."