Not an important list. Thank you for listening.
  1. Reconnected with my long lost cousin from Germany over FaceTime. Asked her an important question, "Do you remember gifting me a Spice Girls cassette back in the 90s?"
  2. Met her twins, Julia and Phillip, on FaceTime. They squealed my name unison and melted my heart.
    Look at these two cuties.
  3. Went in for a job interview. Didn't get the job. Cried. It's a minor setback. Back to square one.
  4. Read The Deleted Emails of Hillary Clinton: A Parody in one sitting.
  5. Watched For Grace on Neflix, a documentary about chef Curtis Duffy and his restaurant Grace in Chicago. Personal rating: 5/5 stars.
  6. Ate a few Cadbury eggs while lying on the floor.
  7. Picked myself back up again.