1. Getting invited to Becky's* parties, getting drunk with her mom and bragging about it on Facebook
    Names have been changed to protect the innocent
  2. Having a part-time job at the mall
  3. Early decision applications
  4. Independent study periods
  5. Hooded sweatshirts with college logos
  6. Being good at more than 2 sports
  7. Smoking pot at the outdoor track or down by the pond
  8. Owning a plethora of Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer and having them on hand
  9. Comparing SAT scores at lunch
  10. Abercrombie and Hollister distressed jeans
  11. Elaborate school pranks resulting in early dismissal
  12. Gossiping about the one boy who experimented with his dog sexually
  13. Being on the yearbook staff
  14. Being besties with the cool librarian
  15. Visiting Mrs. Nagle's antique store
  16. Buying gum from the school store and sharing it