First road trip destination. Looking for bookstores, vegetarian restaurants, and interesting things to check out.
  1. Rittenhouse Square
    The best part of the city. Amazing restaurants, great shopping, and the park itself is lovely
    Suggested by @Waz
  2. Manayunk
    Eclectic, cool neighborhood on the river. Interesting vintage and music shopping
    Suggested by @Waz
  3. Village Whiskey 💯
    Suggested by @ktenkely
  4. Philadelphia's Magic Garden. Funky mosaic art and sculpture garden covering every inch of a South Street row home.
    Suggested by @danpolis
  5. The Book Trader
    It's a super cute used book store in Old City. Right by Penns Landing which is something to see in itself.
    Suggested by @joannaspicer
  6. Mütter Museum
    A museum of medical oddities and other odd stuff.
    Suggested by @laur
  7. Vedge
    Best restaurant in all of Philly. Make a reservation or sit at the bar.
    Suggested by @laur
  8. Dizengoff or Zahav
    Two Israeli restaurants by Philly Restauranteur Michael Solomonov. Zahav is an expensive sit down restaurant and Dizengoff is a quick hummus place with the best hummus you will ever eat.
    Suggested by @laur
  9. HipCityVeg
    Vegan fast food right near Rittenhouse.
    Suggested by @laur
  10. Fork restaurant
    It's probably my fave new American in Philly and the general mid-Atlantic area; so worth a visit and gorging session.
    Suggested by @dave
  11. High Street on Market
    The best bread you will ever put in your mouth. Lots of veg-friendly options on the menu, too!
    Suggested by @deedubbayew
  12. Varga
    On spruce in the gayborhood. Four words: they have crab fries. Awesome cocktails and fancy bar food.
    Suggested by @dave
  13. R2L
    Another classic Philadelphia restaurant, only kinda 90s-chic. It's on a super high floor of a mostly commercial high-rise downtown, so has sweeping views of the city!
    Suggested by @dave
  14. Not vegetarian only, but options available. Most amazing view in city. The Waterworks.
    Suggested by @jackfreese
  15. Vagabond
    Vintage Mecca! The whole block of 3rd Street is filled with great vintage stores.
    Suggested by @sierra
  16. The amazing video screen in the lobby of the Comcast building.
    Suggested by @BillNovak
  17. East Passyunk Avenue
    A cool neighborhood with tons of bars, restaurants and shops. It's traditionally an old, Italian restaurant in South Philly, but has become cool recently. Stop by POPE (a dive bar with great food), Cantina Los Caballitos or Le Virtu.
    Suggested by @Jillian
  18. Barbuzzo
    The Sheep's Milk Ricotta ❤️
    Suggested by @shelby
  19. Franklin Mortgage Company
    Might not be as hip as fellow speakeasy Hop Sing Laundromat, but Franklin still serves some of the best cocktails in the city by far... Plus the location is super convenient.
    Suggested by @shelby
  20. Magic Carpet Food Truck
    This vegetarian truck's "magic meatball" salad is worth the trip to 36th & Spruce
    Suggested by @shelby
  21. Yogorino
    Splurge on a medium before strolling through Rittenhouse Square:
    Suggested by @shelby
  22. Comedy
    Good Good Comedy, Philly Improv Theater, Hey We're Cool, and more.
    Suggested by @shawnastoltzfoos
  23. Sip N Glo Juicery
    Amazing smoothies and juices on south street and 20th street. Friendly staff! Try the Honey Love smoothie.
    Suggested by @binxymeehan