What Do You Take Me For?

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Observant & soft spoken, silly & passionate.
    Suggested by   @Nicholas
  2. Thoughtful, curious, traveller. With a nice way of looking at the world.
    Suggested by   @lorothery
  3. Engaging, easy to talk to-
    You're probably one of those people that others spill their secrets to..
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  4. Just plain lovely.
    Suggested by   @sky
  5. A person I only know from this app
    Suggested by   @brianthecoder
  6. someone who seems sincere and kind.
    ...who I'm about to put on notifs for bc I want to get to know you ☺️
    Suggested by   @jesszaffino
  7. Smart, kind, and adventurous!!
    Suggested by   @laur
  8. Someone I look for and always look forward to finding here.
    Suggested by   @MMeanswell
  9. A woman of substance, deeply spiritual and intellectual, beautiful inside and out.
    Suggested by   @roland_
  10. One of my favorite listers:)
    Suggested by   @nikkilounoel