A bipolar rollercoaster
  1. Overjoyed
    This is the labor of 2 years. So much of myself is between these pages. And here it is. It has pages. It has a cover. My name is on the front.
  2. Terrified
    Because my book is a devotional, and because God's hand in it has been so evident throughout the process, I've gone through INTENSE spiritual warfare throughout the process. I've spent so many nights crying because fear of putting my thoughts out there gripped my being. I've worried my way through so many days, genuinely panicking about this release.
  3. Humbled
    God chose me to write this. I'm nothing special. But He's given me this beautiful gift, and I'm so thankful.
  4. Frightened
    It's hard to be 1,114 miles away from the people supporting and encouraging me. I'm so far from the people who are excited about this, and with all the doubt and fear consuming me, it's actually really hard.
  5. Excited
    This is God's book. And I'm so thrilled to see what He does with it.