Inspiration by @pascalspronk
  1. Popcorn is a delicious treat, beloved by millions
    However, very few know of it's ability to transform.
  2. When popcorn is hidden in a closet corner, surrounded by popsicle sticks and classical music, magical things happen
  3. The classical music imbeds itself within the kernel's genome and modifies it
    Popcorn is, obviously, a living entity of glory
  4. The salty strands of chromosomal code mutate as the melodic notes infiltrate
    This process is very traumatic for the popcorn
  5. As the chromosomes mutate, the fluffy wonder breaks down into ultra-sweet liquid
    This liquid is harvested as soda.
  6. After the fluffy part dissolves, the left-over kernel shell fuses itself together and regenerates corn fluid
    Thus, corn is formed
  7. Obviously, all of this is dependent on the popcorn being alone in a dark closet. A harvester must wait the perfect amount of time for the process to completely finish, yet catch it in time for the products to still be fresh
    It's extremely time-sensitive. Corn and pop professionals must undergo rigorous training in order to truly succeed