1. I would leave that stupid wall
    No one wants to be stuck in one place forever. Plus, can you imagine the horrific things I might see from said wall??
  2. I would become a ninja fly
    "Take that fly paper! Hayaa! Fly swatter, you don't stand a chance. BAAAMM"
  3. I would consider cannibalism for the sake of shoo-fly pie
    Obviously, as a fly I would think shoo-fly pie was made out of flies.
  4. I would try to fly across the ocean
    Because of this I would probably go down in fly history. Hooray!
  5. I would find meat and lay my eggs
    Hopefully I would be able to drop enough hints to re-ignite the theory of spontaneous generation.
  6. I would die young
    Let's take a moment of silence to recognize all of the flies who have died while you were reading this.