1. I would be named squishy
  2. I would probably be mildly allergic to salt water and tragically end up coughing my whole life. because how cute would a tiny jellyfish coughing be?!
  3. I would practice every day to be the best jellyfish bowler in the undersea league
  4. I would build my home entirely out of broken bottles and the messages the bottles once contained
  5. I would never ever talk about my jellyfish friends' tentacle maintenance habits behind their backs
  6. I would tickle every swimmer in the big blue sea
  7. I would zap out national anthems with my melodic tentacles
  8. I would dance to my hearts content with all the stars in the sea. And with all the starfish too.
  9. I would research typical jellyfish activities and try to mirror their actions because clearly I know nothing of jellyfish