Join us on an adventure...
  1. We hate trump, but we're here for kicks and lots of laughs
  2. Spotted: 1 "make America great again" hat and matching shirt
  3. One grown man calls another grown man "daddy"
  4. So many cowboy boots. I feel underdressed and overdressed at the same time.
  5. American flag short short shorts
  6. Spotted: one "Hilary for president" shirt
    Bold, little man. Very bold.
  7. My big break?
  8. Our response to the crazy long line: find a group of guys, bat eyelashes, say "we can make your America again" and budge in line
  9. One group of protesters rocking the homemade signs. At least they tried.
  10. 0% minority appearance. We're all white. And we're all hicks.
  11. There's a cowboy hat made entirely of beer containers 😳
    Toto, are we in Kansas?
  12. Spotted: "Hilary sucks, but not like Monica" shirt
  13. We have successfully made new friends in order to budge parts of the line
  14. This perfectly describes the demographic
  15. Update: we have officially budged twice. Thank heavens for people we know!!!
  16. The protestors are multiplying
  17. This is what happens when you hand out fliers
  19. If you're going to protest, please spell correctly
    I know, I know...I'm one to talk
  20. ...I wonder what's going on......
  21. We could see the door
  22. But the rally ended
  23. And we never got it
  24. 😭😭😭