I'm 5'1.5" so I'm the definition of adorable. But there are some difficulties that arise.
  1. I crawled into bed and allowed my soft covers to envelope me. Ahhh bliss.
  2. My eyes turned heavenward and I froze.
  3. Oh dear. A very large pincher bug clung to my ceiling DIRECTLY above my head.
  4. Now, bugs don't really bother me. I'm usually the designated bug-killer. But I didn't like this one right above my sleeping face.
  5. No worries I'll just kill it.
  6. But. I. Couldn't. Reach. It.
  7. I began jumping up and down on my bed, flailing my Kleenex trying to reach the accursed bug.
  9. Finally, one of my swats dislodged the bug, but because I couldn't quite reach, I had to helplessly watch the poor guy dive-bomb onto my bed.
  10. The bug, my new mortal enemy, scurried into my blankets and out of sight.
  11. NUTS!!
  12. I started throwing my blankets on the floor, smoke billowing out of my nostrils.
  13. Where was he?
  14. Finally, I saw him run beneath my sheet.
  15. I've got him now!
  16. I threw back the sheet and pounced. I pushed all of my weight onto the kleenex, pulled the tissue into the air with Mr. Bug inside, and smushed the living daylights out of him.
  17. Missions accomplished.
  18. But I can't help thinking about how easy this all would have been if I was just a few inches taller...