@hannah_rachel says I'm not dangerous....here's proof to the contrary
  1. I race the clock
    Occasionally, I'll wait til the last minute to write a paper. And let me tell you, this is the epitome of an adrenaline rush
  2. I take it to the next level
    On the way to the dishes-drop-off, I like to carry my multitude of dishes in tower form. The obstacle course of challenges that ensures is blood-pumping to be sure.
  3. I walk on thin ice
    Literally. In heels. I slip a lot. There may or may not be frantic squealing involved.
  4. I play bumper cars with Komielle
    Just kidding. Only once, and that was an accident. P.S. Komielle is my smexy mini van
  5. I have a double life as a spy
    And it usually consists of binge watching "Chuck" and stuffing my face with fruit leather and iced tea. That's right, I live on the edge...of my couch.
  6. I've undergone intense hand-eye coordination training
    I play Dutch blitz religiously. And I'm freakin fantastic at it.